A Total Business Management Platform for Next Generation Services

Invenoa's dynamic framework guarantees the flexibility that our clients need to adapt and scale their operations in line with ever evolving business needs. MeBoss is a future embracing, balance sheet friendly solution that bridges the gap between opportunities and revenue streams. The importance of here and now communications has never been as clear. The growth of mobile and Internet communications will continue to accelerate. New data and multi-media applications will change the way we interact at home and at work. Mobile networks will evolve, with wireless and satellite systems offering more sophisticated services, including high speed, multi-media data services through seamless connection to the Internet and wireline networks. Communications devices and networks will converge. Systems need to be in place to support these new and expanded services including billing systems. MeBoss is positioned to meet these billing needs. Today's market dynamics require you to act quickly and efficiently to bring new products and exceptional service to customers. More than ever, billing has become an integral part of a company's efforts to drive revenues, improve customer loyalty, and achieve operational excellence. In the wireless world you need systems and solutions that are to support your changing business models and to suit your changing circumstances. But this is no longer enough. More than ever before you need solutions that pay for themselves in the first 12 months and that help you to save money, on one hand, and guarantee revenue on the other. MeBoss was designed and developed for the real world; the world of the CFO with an eye on the balance sheet, the CEO faced with demanding investors and the CTO with responsibility for the technology layer. MeBoss is an integrated, real time rating, billing and service management solution that facilitates your success. It's a solution that covers the entire value chain from service definition and provisioning, to customer management, order and problem handling, rating and billing. With MeBoss, you define the business model and select the network technology and external system, without restrictions. The solution is cross-platform comparable, so you can define and sell services independent of your network type and configuration. MeBoss' object oriented design and object oriented database enable you to run a business the way you want to. You can implement any business model in terms of services, customers and packages - independent of the underlying technology. Moreover, you can design your own, individual web-based GUI using the development kit we provide. MeBoss' open infrastructure ensures full interoperability. You can interact and exchange information and services with other providers, according to industry standards and without the need for APIs and proprietary protocols. Furthermore, external systems can access MeBoss functionalities from other platforms, using other programming languages. MeBoss is fully scalable and grows with your business. Through MeBoss' COM+ architecture, you can distribute system components across your computer network and replicate multiple instances of a critical process, such as rating - on different servers. That means you can increase processing speeds both by adding servers and by adding CPUs. MeBoss' object oriented design and database, COM+ architecture, and set of external software adaptors mean you can easily integrate MeBoss software with your existing IT environment. MeBoss can exploit your existing hardware, interface with your legacy system and bridge from them into new technologies, systems and services. Openness means low cost of ownership, significant savings in technology and ROI within the first 12 months of ownership. You can continue to make full use of your existing systems and hardware - protecting your existing investments. You select and integrate all or just key the MeBoss modules you need, with minimal customization. As you don't know today what you'll need tomorrow, MeBoss is modular. You simply select the modules you require, to specify a system that exactly meets your unique business needs: A system that can also integrate the best of the breed components from other providers through its open architecture. MeBoss products address the need to accelerate time to revenue- and profitability - across all aspects of an organization. We've combined the latest Internet technologies and open standards with a patented rating engine and high performance software to help power your revenue chain with ease.


• Customer and Profile Management
• Service and Product Management
• Marketing and Sales Automation
• Resource Management
• Process and Workflow Management
• Revenue Management
• Churn Management
• Activity and Performance Management
• Content Management
• Partner Management
• Multichannel Interface Management
• SLA and QoS Management


• Event Processing and Alert System
• Unified Messaging Service
• Customer Profiling and Scoring
• Rating and Billing
• Response and Personalization System