Our people have over 20 man-years of experience in developing solutions and solving problems solely in the domain of Service Management and OSS. We recruit highly skilled consultants and engineers capable of handling the complex problems associated with the management of large networks.

We operate in a fast-changing and demanding environment both from a business and technical perspective. We aim to be innovative in responding to your needs, and to adapt our solutions to your business processes and organization using the latest available technologies.

We have an enviable reputation of delivering our projects to time and budget. We are committed to exceeding your expectations and our expectations of each other.

We are independent and will tell it to you how it is. Our belief is that sharing information and issues is why we have delivered projects to time and to budget.


Establish new horizons for billing and customer care services: usage, content, distance and quality of service.

Liberate operators from the limitations of traditional billing plans and facilitate real-time updates and information on demand.

Reduce the demands of implementation - freeing up time and money for the introduction of new added value products and packaging new services.

Provide self-care for customers including self-provisioning and account management - significantly reducing call center operations.

Invenoa's vision means that our users are delighted with our solutions.


Invenoa is committed to delivering 360° solutions that provide:

• Tools to enable our customers to grow their business.
• Support for our partners to allow them to integrate our products successfully with other 'best of breed' software.
• Services that are being expanded on a continuous basis to meet the ever-increasing demands faced by our end users.

Invenoa provides:

• Vigilance to open standards
• Faster implementations
• Easier integrations
• Reduced total cost of ownership


Invenoa solutions are currently able to be deployed in the following markets: Integrated Communications, Voice, IP/Broadband, Digital Content, Wireless Voice and Data, Telematics, Application Hosting, and Storage Services, GPRS, Mobile IP, ISP, Satellite, fixed line and convergent services. The MeBoss Product is architectured to meet future billing requirements including 3G billing requirements.

The telecommunications market continues to transform. Technologies and services are converging and new types of service providers are springing up to challenge the established players.

Invenoa solutions have been designed with flexibility to support the various billing elements with content, transaction, location, context, time and quality of service capabilities.

The future will bring a host of new applications, undreamt of today, as service providers pursue the opportunities provided by new technologies.

Invenoa is here to help operators differentiate themselves and capture market share in this crowded and competitive environment.

Social Responsibility and Environment Management System

Invenoa acknowledges that consistantly monitoring, measuring and reducing its negative impact on the environment will contribute to local, national and global communities. We are currently in the planning stages of mapping our systemic approach to sustainability through development of an Environmental Management System (EMS).

Our EMS will follow the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines, which are as follows:

• Plan: Planning, including identifying environmental aspects and establishing goals
• Do: Implementing, including training and operational controls
• Check: Checking, including monitoring and corrective action
• Act: Reviewing, including progress reviews and acting to make needed changes to the EMS.

Invenoa has established an accurate baseline for usage in a 12-month period in order to address seasonal trending.
The baseline period is defined as January 2014 to December 2014.

Results for the last 12 months (as June 2013 to May 2012) are as follows:

Energy Consumption
• Electric – 18606 Kilowatts consumed
• Gas – 2354 Kilowatts consumed
• Water – 105 m3 comsumed

Calculated Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions
• Company Car – 1 Automobile 2 tons of CO2 generated from fuel consumption

Calculated Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions
• Electric – 9805 kg CO2 generated from electricity usage
• Gas – 435 kg CO2 generated from gas usage
• Water – 0.6 kg CO2 generated from water usage

Waste management and/or Recycling
• Recycling Volume – 50Kilos of recycling material picked up by recycling company
• Waste Volume – 2 Tons of trash picked up by garbage company as of June 30, 2013

Working off the baseline established above, Invenoa has set one goal in each category. The goal measuring period is 12 months.
Goals are determined in conjunction with Invenoa senior management, and follow the format below:

Energy Consumption
• Reduce consumption of electricity per employee 2% by y/e 2014
• Change manual controllers with automatic controllers

Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions
• Reduce scope 2 GHG emissions 10% by y/e 2014.

Waste management and recycling
• Decrease amount of waste going to landfill by 0,2 tons by y/e 2014.

Social Responsibility

Conduct Principles

Invenoa Code of Ethics