The IBeep uses convergence technology to deliver a full range of integrated information and entertainment services from the convenience of a TV set, ranging from Internet access, secure online transactions, interactive television, interactive games and full telephony. This box is an advanced Digital Media Device solution that enables Video on demand, broadband, standard connectivity for advanced Internet functionality, and third generation VOD technology.

IBeep will offer the ultimate entertainment and messaging product and service for those who want more from their TV and PC experience. The device will form the foundation of our home 'infotainment' service and will come with a multi-purpose remote control and an infrared keyboard.

• Television
• Instant messaging
• Electronic shopping
• Interactive games
• Audio-video player (MP3,CD,VCD,DVD)
• Broadcast video: movies on-demand
• Financial trading
• Distance learning

Product Sheet (Engilish Brochure)