MeBOSS Calling Card

MeBoss Calling Card provides call flow management, real-time rating, pin generation, and service provisioning facilities. While offering a platform for event-based and metered usage,MeBoss' powerful and efficient rating engine is capable of high-volume processing of usage, rating extended services, discount structures and loyalty schemes. It is both usage-based and event-driven to answer the needs of next generation service providers. MeBoss is able to handle traditional rating scenarios as well as multi-layered, complex scenarios giving you a sophisticated tool that will enhance your product offering.

As products and services converge, the need to have a centralized view of the customers is another business necessity. MeBoss is the center of coordination for all customersí activities. It provides an ideal means for determining which activities customers are interested in, which information, applications, and services get theirattention, and where they find the most value in service offerings.

With MeBoss' integrated management modules and powerful engines, VoIP Service providers can rapidly deploy and customize cost effective Calling Card Services.

Product Sheet (Engilish Brochure)