MeBoss CRM has been designed and developed as a result of a long R&D process of more than five years. Its multilayered component-based architecture allows MeBoss to address the needs of small & medium sized companies as well as large enterprises like telekom operators. With the flexible, efficient and powerful Process and Workflow Engine, MeBoss components can be easily integrated with any kind of third party applications.g.

As products and services converge, the need to have a centralized view of the customers is another business necessity. MeBoss is the center of coordination for all customersí activities. It provides an ideal means for determining which activities customers are interested in, which information, applications, and services get theirattention, and where they find the most value in service offerings.

MeBoss CRM facilitates effective planning, execution and analysis of marketing campaigns to proactively manage the customer life cycle and increase customer lifetime value. It offers communications providers powerful marketing and customer management capabilities. It also provides interactive, guided analysis and visualization of customer and product data.

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