MeBOSS Telco

MeBoss is a future embracing, balance sheet friendly solution that bridges the gap between opportunities and revenue streams. As products and services converge, the need to have a centralized view of the customers is another business necessity. MeBoss TelCO is the center of coordination for all customers’ activities. It centralizes customer management to render customer support more effective. It integrates a single view of customer information across all areas of the business to enable customer representatives to handle any inquiry or offer new bundled service proactively.

MeBoss TelCO provides service rating, invoicing and formatting facilities. It performs real-time rating, pricing and discounting for the bundled services. The invoice engine creates the customer bill layout to suit a variety of distribution media.The formatter produces output in a range of formats, from traditional paper invoices to xmlinvoices for further distribution through the Internet or mobile IP networks. MeBoss TelCO has service management feature which is the main rule-based configurable product for creating and maintaining bundled services. It works in conjunction with the self-care application to ensure that customers have the latest bundles and tariff plans applied to their accounts. This feature provides the product suite with greater flexibility for defining convergent products.

Product Sheet (Engilish Brochure)

Product Sheet (Turkish Brochure)

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