Betting Systems

Leasing Operation Management

Legal Process Management

Expense Management Systems

Payment Systems

Business Process Management

Customer Relationship Management

Service Management Platform

Billing & Rating Systems for Telecom SPs

Call/Contact Center Systems

Data Mining System and Business Acumen

e-Business Applications-Auctions,e-Commerce,Community Portals

Technical personnel providing services (Outsource)

MeBoss Leasing

MeBoss Enterprise Resource Management

Custody Taxation System

Invoice Reconciliation System for Custody

MeBoss Field Management

Customer Relations Management for Custody

MeBoss Service Management Platform

Risk Intelligence System

MeBoss File Processing Engine 

Data warehouse

Business Intelligence

Project Management

Direct Debit System


Integrated POS solution for opportunity coupons.

Turkey Motorcycle Federation Information System

Profit partnership system

Online Auction System

Banking Reconciliation System

Banking Customs Tax Collection System