Technical Excellence, Adaptability, Commitment and Honesty are the core values that bind us as an organization. These are the values that we measure ourselves against in all aspects of our work. Invenoa has built a team of high quality, flexible people. Our skills have been developed through the experience of working in challenging business environments.

We recruit technical people with a deep understanding of software development, and are highly skilled in numerous programming languages and development environments.

We work in an environment that values people and their career development and understands the need to balance work with life outside. We expect people to be dedicated to Invenoa and our customers, and in return we are committed to career development and a sensible work-life balance.

Invenoa offers a working environment that is friendly, relaxed and informal. The dress code is casual and the hours are flexible. We recognize that people have a life outside of

To compliment this very 'open' culture our people are confident, reliable, enthusiastic, hard working and committed. These are not attributes that are imposed on our staff but qualities that come naturally. Invenoa is careful in its recruitment process to ensure that successful candidates have the correct technical skills, and that they fit in well with the existing staff.

Invenoa prides itself on working closely with its customers to producing high quality work, on time and within budget. This can only be achieved by recruiting the right kind of people.

Invenoa is a company that by its nature offers staff many things that are often not available elsewhere. Situations continually arise that expose our people to new skills and technologies. People are given opportunities to grow into new and challenging roles.

In short, people are noticed and given every chance to shine.